“DRV Mine”

On a recent trip to Nevada, we completed our initial exploration of the “DRV Mine”, a mine which we had discovered earlier in the year but were unable to explore due to time constraints. The ‘DRV’ is a more modern abandoned mine then most, having only been developed during the gold boom of the 1980’s.

Our initial exploration lasted several hours from early evening to late into the night. We found the ‘DRV’ to be rather large in size with the initial haulage adit being an estimated 800 foot deep decline to the start of the mines workings. Once at the start of the mines workings, drifts and crosscuts took off in many directions and elevations twisting all about underground.

In the hours we spent underground we discovered a large workshop, a break room, several flooded passageways, many strange mineral growths and lots of workings to explore! Unfortunately the lower levels of the ‘DRV’ appear to be completely flooded and inaccessible at this time. Based on the workings we saw, a partial map of the mine we found, we estimate that we only saw roughly 20% of the ‘DRV’.

I look forward to returning to the “DRV Mine” in the near future and fully exploring the many drifts, crosscuts, raises and levels we didn’t see this trip!

Be sure to check out Guys photos of the “DRV Mine” and Boxcars video of our exploration of the DRV Mine!

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