About Dezdan.com

Dezdan.com is the virtual setting of my past and present adventures in search of western history. Habitually visiting remote corners of the west where seldom few have been before, or places just around the corner hidden from mass populace; this virtual representation of my adventures is my chance to share those explorations with you!

DezdanAbout Dezdan
Born and raised in the Southern California desert, I’ve been exploring the Southwest as long as I can remember. Whether it was the mountains or the deserts, by foot or by vehicle, alone or with friends; adventure was always at hand, and history I was always in search of. While my primary interest lies mainly in western mining history and western Native American culture, I do occasionally stray and enjoy the ranching, logging and railroad aspects of the west.

If you have any questions concerning this website, or its contents, please feel free to Contact Me with those comments.

I hope you enjoy this website!