Shady Myricks Bloodstone Claim

A number of years ago I was offered the chance to visit Francis Marion “Shady” Myrick’s Bloodstone mining claim near Brown Mountain, CA; now located within the boundaries of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. An opportunity not to be passed up, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to meet Mr. John Lightburn, Shady’s great-grandnephew who conveyed stories of Shady’s adventures and life in the Mojave Desert and Colorado.

Shady Myrick, a desert rat, Death Valley prospector, and the discoverer of a rare semi-precious gem stone (later named Myrickite), often lived in a short tunnel on his claim, and it was this tunnel, so well persevered, we visited.

Mr. Lightburn continues to carry his great-granduncles story and history on through the Shady Myrick Research Project and Shady’s Facebook page.

Shady Myricks Bloodstone claim tunnel.
Shady Myricks Bloods…
Looking in the tunnel. Everything sits as Shady left it many years ago.
Looking in the tunne…
Shady's stove.
Shady's stove.
Shady's chair.
Shady's chair.
Overview of Shady's lair.
Overview of Shady&#0…
A crudely made table sits on one sit of the tunnel.
A crudely made table…
Shady's bed today. The mattress long ago eaten by mice has been drug out of the tunnel.
Shady's bed tod…

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  1. Shady Myrick

    Dezdan, You were so welcome to join us on our unprecedented visit to Shady’s claim. I am pleased to see your posting. I am now located at the Goffs School House with the Mojave Heritage and Cultural Association. A building plan is underway for the Shady Myrick Gem and Mineral Museum.


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