Butte Valley Mystery Shelter

Depending on what old-timer you talk too, the creator of this ‘fallout’ shelter seems to differ. Many say it has its roots with the notorious Charles Manson when he roamed these parts; others say a former National Park Service volunteer staying at a cabin in the valley below stashed his supplies here away from the prying eyes of desert travelers; and a few believe the shelter was that of a rouge Park Service Ranger who patrolled the more desolate parts of the park.

Whether it was Manson’s Helter Skelter hideaway hole, or just a cache for locals, on a chilly winter day in 2010 Guy and myself setout exploring the high country of Butte Valley in search of this rumored shelter…

As with any hidden gem of history, if you happen across this shelter, enjoy and share among only true friends, as sites like this are vanishing due to vandalism every day!

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